Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two years of RC park building and event running

Here is a collection of photo's gathered up into one album of my involvement in building the Blackfoot RC park in Calgary and then running many events over the past two years for AsiaTees, RC4WD and GCM. Check out the gallery HERE. Enjoy. :)

RC4WD Gelande 2 1:18 scale truck

Picked up the other mini that RC4WD came out with recently. Got a great deal on it. Sad that my friend took a hit on the wallet but it was his choice to sell and I was all over buying it. Naturally the first thing I did was dirty it up and add some of myself to the truck. Already in the drivers seat from the original owner was Han Solo and in the passenger seat was Rose Tico of Star Wars. I figured I would leave them in there. I might lower them into the seats a bit though. They are sitting a bit high. For now, all is well. Anyways, I printed off a Han Solo Alberta licence plate and put it on of course. Stay tuned for videos and pictures soon (its still feet deep in white up here sadly).

Friday, March 9, 2018

RC4WD 1:18 Ford Bronco BlackJack

Got the truck and worked on it through last night. Stickered up, interior modified, roll cage put in, driver and spare tire added. Here are the pics and a video I made up this morning to show it in action on the new mini crawler course I recently built. I clearly need to work on my throttle control and add some texture to those foam rocks as they are currently too slippery. That aside, this little truck rocks! Thanks RC4WD.